Edu All-Stars Podcast – Session 30: Jerry Blumengarten (CybraryMan)

Jerry Blumengarten Video Interview

Jerry taught in the New York city school system for 32 years.  He wrote curriculum for his school district, the NYC Board of Education and Open Doors a school-business partnership.  Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites started April 11, 1999 as an effort to catalog the internet for students, educators, and parents.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Jerry’s background in education and writing instruction for the NYC board of education
  • Life after retirement
  • The exhaustive
  • Being a BAM! radio network contributor
  • Advice for new and old teachers
  • Genius Hour in the classroom
  • What are you really passionate about right now

Links that were mentioned in this podcast:

Todd and I really enjoyed talking with this gem of an educator. If it has to do with education you can probably find a page about it on Jerry’s website.  Thanks for the great conversation.   Check out our  archived sessions and stay tuned for more great sessions with eduallstars in the future.

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